Captain Mark Ledden fishing Salmon River

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Lake Ontario Offshore Charter Trips

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Offshore fishing on Lake Ontario for king salmon normally goes from May to mid September. This is some of the best action of the year. The fish are big and hard fighting. The bag limit is three per person, and these fish average around twenty pounds! We are trolling with down riggers and targeting these fish in deep water.


Summer on Lake Ontario is in most people’s minds the best time to be on the lake. This is also true if you are looking to fish for king and coho salmon. Our lake salmon season starts in May and runs to the end of September when these fish start their migration up the coastal rivers and streams. May normally starts the salmon fishing in the lake. Both kings and cohos come out of the deepest parts of the lake to follow the bait fish as they migrate to bays and estuaries to spawn. This can be some of the best early action as spring moves into summer. As we move into June the salmon push offshore to find food in the deeper parts of the lake. June is typically a little slower as salmon spread out in search of bait fish. As the end of June moves into the beginning of July we see a resurgence of salmon and bigger congregations for bait. This is also when the kings and cohos start getting signals form their brains that it is time to feed heavily as the fall spawning migration is around the corner. From July to the end of September is the best fishing for salmon we will see all year. These fish are strong and hard fighting. They are gorging on bait fish and putting on pounds by the week. If you are looking to come salmon fishing this is the time!

Prepare for Your Trip

Our In-shore and off-shore trips will meet at the Light House Marina in Port Ontario (5 Lake Road Extension, Pulaski, NY). The marina is about 5 miles west of Pulaski.  Our meeting time varies depending on the time of year but normally it’s in the 5 am to 6 am range for morning trips and about 1 pm to 2 pm on our afternoon trips.  Please be on time for our departure.  Being on time will greatly help and being ready to go as soon as we meet will also help make sure you get your complete time on the water. If you are going to be late just shoot me a text and let me know.

charter boat for fishing in Lake Ontario
Lake Ontario Offshore Charter Boat Trips
SALMON   May 1 - September 30
1 - 4 People
6 hours | May - June $550
6 hours | July - Sept $600
8 hours $800
Extra Anglers Up to 5 Per Boat
Per person $100