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October Fishing

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Capt. Mark Ledden holding very large salmon

With September behind us and October here we find ourselves in the in between. This can be a good time to be on the river if you are looking to try for both salmon and steelhead. It’s a short window but October is the only time you will find these two fish over lapping. Normally we back troll plugs with the drift boat for these fish, and the action can be very good! The down side to this is that the salmon are just finishing their spawning cycle and the steelhead are just coming in the river. Because of this I always try to fish for whatever is better at the time of your trip.


As the salmon spawning cycle finishes, steelhead head out of Lake Ontario and into every tributary around the Eastern Shore. The Salmon River gets the lions’ share of these fish, so we usually have an exciting steelhead season beginning in the fall and lasting all winter long.

Look over my rates for trips, check my fishing calendar for open dates, and call/text (315-529-4204) or email to book your fishing adventure. To reserve your trip, a $100 nonrefundable deposit is required, payable by credit card or check.

Capt. Mark Ledden

Captain Mark Ledden

  • New York Licensed Guide
  • Alaska Licensed Guide
  • USCG Certified Captain
Drift Boat River Trips
SALMON SEASON   October 1 - November 1
1 - 2 people $400
1 person $300
1 - 2 People $400
STEELHEAD SEASON   January 1 - March 15
1 person $250
1 - 2 People $350

Lake Ontario Lake Trips
SALMON   May 1 - October 15
1 - 4 People
6 hours | May - June $550
6 hours | July - Oct $600
8 hours $800
Extra Anglers Up to 5 Per Boat
Per person $100

Fishing Trips

Our trip offerings have grown! In addition to offering river and lakeshore trips, we now offer lake trips using the newest member of our fleet, a Tiara 27 Pursuit charter boat. The trip you select will depend mostly on the time of year and the type of fish available, as well as the hours you want to fish. To decide which trip is best for you, click on a link below for more information.

driftboat in Salmon River

River Trips

Fall - Winter - Early Spring

River fishing goes from late September to early May. September and October is the time for king and coho salmon. November through May is steelhead and other trout species. We are normally casting with spinning rods, using fly rods or plugging. We will use what ever method works best to get the best results for your group.

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fishing boat at Lake Ontario Estuary, Selkirk boat launch

Lake Ontario Trips


Lake Ontario fishing typically starts early April and goes until May or June. This is the time for big lake brown trout near shore. We target these fish by trolling a large spread of spoons and stick bait. The action is fast; multiple hooks are sometimes the norm. These browns are some of the best eating fish, with a bag limit of three per person.

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charter boat Lake Ontario fishing

Lake Ontario Trips


Fishing on Lake Ontario for king salmon normally goes from late May through September. This is some of the best action of the year. The fish are big and hard fighting. The bag limit is three per person, and these fish average around twenty pounds! We are trolling with down riggers and targeting these fish in deep water.

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