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Salmon River, Lake Ontario Tributaries, Lake Ontario

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March - May

After a long winter here in upstate New York, spring is a great time to get outside and back on the open water. Our early spring season starts in March. Although the weather can still be cold, the river steelhead fishing can be great! There are two types of steelhead in the river at this time. The resident STEELHEAD run the river and tributaries in the fall and winter over until late march when they start to spawn. After they spawn they “drop back” to the lake where they spend the summer until the next fall and do the whole process over again. These fish are normally very hungry after spawning and will take almost any presentation you put in front of them. The second strain of steelhead are a spring-run steelhead that run the river in March and stay sometimes until late May (depending on water conditions). These fish are normally bigger and full of life since they have not been under the same pressures of the fall-run fish. With both groups of fish in the river and Lake Ontario tributaries, spring is a great time to target them before they disappear for the summer months.

The other option in the spring is the BROWN TROUT Lake Ontario fishery. If you are looking for a lot of action, liberal bag limits, and great table fare this is what you want to be doing! The lake brown trout come in from the deep cold water of Lake Ontario to feed on the bait fish that go into river estuaries and bays to feed and spawn. We target browns by trolling tight to the shoreline with a large spread of gear out. It is common to have as many as four or five fish on at a time, making the action fun and intense! This fishery goes into June or until the inshore water gets too warm and the bait fish head for deeper water.

Another great option during this spring lake season is targeting other species of fish. Having the ability to slip offshore gets us to where KING SALMON and LAKE TROUT live and some days the action on kings and lakers can be just as good as the brown trout.

Come join me and my team of experienced drift boat captains and bank guides to fulfill your fishing dreams on the Salmon River in Pulaski, New York. You can expect to get the very best when you book with Driftwater Fishing. Please remember that dates fill up fast, so book your trip a few months in advance. Check my fishing calendar for available dates then give me a call to schedule a memory that will last a lifetime.

If you have any questions or are interested in booking a trip, please give me a call at 315-529-4204 or email me at I will be happy to help any way I can. Thank you for choosing DriftWater Fishing where Safety, Service, and Integrity are the driving forces to our shared success.

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