See You in the Fall!

NEW VIDEO. Stellwagen Media and Captain Mark Ledden present: Oarsman.

VIDEO: Stellwagen Media and Captain Mark Ledden present: Pulaski.

Now that summer is here, I am back in Alaska and the Kenai Peninsula for another chapter of the Cook Inlet salmon run. I will be back home on Salmon River and Lake Ontario in early September as the king run starts to ramp up.

If you or someone you know is heading to the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska this summer, have them check out what I have to offer for their salmon fishing needs. See my Alaska website,, or call/text at 315-529-4204.

If you are interested in salmon fishing this fall, we will be booking lake and river trips starting early September. Check my fishing calendar for open dates, and call/text (315-529-4204) or email and book your fishing adventure today!

To reserve your trip, a $50 deposit is required, payable by PayPal, bank card, or check. Check out To Prepare for Your Trip for more trip details.

Capt. Mark Ledden