Spring Fishing

March 12. The spring steelhead fishing has gotten off to a good start. It seems that we have recovered a lot from the last three years of poor returns. The number of hook-ups per day is also up considerably from last year, and it should get better as we get closer to April and May.

There have been a few guys already out trolling for big brown trout on Lake Ontario. The reports are that if the weather allows you to get on the lake, you can find the fish. The lake fishing should really get good at the end of the month and peak into April and May.

With the fish count and run predictions I have seen, we are looking forward to a great spring fishing season.

If you are interested in spring fishing, check my fishing calendar for open dates, and call/text (315-529-4204) or email and book your fishing adventure today!

To reserve your trip, a $100 nonrefundable deposit is required, payable by PayPal or check. Check out To Prepare for Your Trip for more trip details.

Capt. Mark Ledden