March Fishing

April 4, 2017. Spring is finally here and so are some great angling opportunities. The first opportunity is a post-spawn and spring-run steelhead fishery that provides good action with aggressive fish. We fish the Salmon River predominantly for this trip and fly fish or float fish depending on the method you are most comfortable with. The limit on steelhead is one fish a day, but we highly recommend you practice catch and release to help sustain the populations of these great fish. The second opportunity is the lake brown trout and lake trout fishery in Lake Ontario. This is a fun and exciting fishery with plenty of action. There are times when you can’t keep the lures in the water because the bite is so good! The lake brown trout and lake trout make great table fare, and there is a healthy limit of three brown trout and two lake trout a day. Either way you look at it, we have you covered for all your spring fishing on the Salmon River and Lake Ontario.

To reserve your trip, a $100 nonrefundable deposit is required, payable by PayPal or check. Check out To Prepare for Your Trip for more trip details.

Capt. Mark Ledden